Getting started may seem like a time consuming and difficult process.  However, dealing with Aaron Clay, owner and operator of WestView Construction Inc., makes home building seem easy.  There are many choices and important decisions to be made at the beginning of the home building process, but Aaron will always be there to help, and show you many examples and models first hand.  Aaron is experienced and knowledgeable in determing designs, layouts, estimates and the complete building process from start to finish.  To make things work more effectively and more efficiently, Aaron will have several subcontractors working with him to make things happen.  However, Aaron is always the building contractor and project manager while dealing with the home owner.  As a sole owner of WestView Construction Inc., Aaron feels that he is at the top of every project and knows exactly what is happening when and how.  Aaron takes pride in the challenge of building the best quality home and at the same time, maintaining customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, either is he.  WestView Construction Inc. will do all that we can to make home building a smooth and enjoyable process, while making your dream come true.  Why buy an existing home when you can have a brand new one for the same or less cost of an old one?

  1. Contact us today to set up an appointment to meet with Aaron.
  2. Together you will determine exactly what it is that you would like to be building, set up designing criteria, lot information, and all custom interiors one may want.
  3. Allow Aaron a chance to work out an estimate to your satisfaction.
  4. After final decisions are made, the fun begins!
  5. Aaron will take care of "behind the scene" issues while you enjoy picking out trim, lighting, paint colors, etc.
  6. After precisely following your building timeline, you will be handed your keys to your new home!


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